Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The following are the new requirements for Indoor/Outdoor Bar according to the most recent executive order.

  • Our servers and bartenders are required to wear a mask in this area

  • You are required to wear a mask when walking in, leaving or going to the bathroom (we have free masks available)

  • When ordering a drink, you are required to be seated at the bar or at a table (this means that you can not stand at a bar, stand at a table, stand to order a drink or receive a drink)

  • No standing around in the bar area, everyone must be seated when eating and drinking

  • We have dividers on the bar to separate groups at the bar for safety, please use them


Please understand, we must enforce these rules.

Please understand our service may be slower during this time due to the new rules that we are required to follow.

We may also be short-staffed due to Covid-19. We may not always have enough servers, etc.

Wait times for food and beverages may be longer than normal from time to time.


Our goal is to remain open and we need your help!

Thank you!

Rich Kenny

Call, text or email me anytime. Please let me know who you are in any text messages and I will respond as soon as I can. I have been overwhelmed with messages and am a bit behind in responding.