League Update

Updated 4-30-2020

Update for league payouts - Monday through Thursday night leagues.

We understand this is a tough time for all of our league bowlers, families, team members and community. We hope you are all safe and spending time with family.

We now know this season will not finish out and it’s time to close the books on the season. Thank you for your support this season. We greatly appreciate it. Congratulations to all league co-champions, individual and team award winners too!

We had meetings last week with all the leagues and a majority of the captains attended. We prorated the second half of the season (last quarter on Monday) and have sent all documents to captains to review this week. Now is the time to get prize money checks out to every team.

Cheyenne will be emailing and texting captains to ask for your team's intentions for next season (we know there is still uncertainty, but are looking for some indication if your team will likely return or not return); so we can start planning for the fall. We want to have a full league and your intentions at this point, will help with planning.

Monday through Thursday night league bowlers, see below! All other leagues, Cheyenne will start the process of reaching out this weekend and into next week.

1. Mailed out 80 checks for all team captains from Monday through Thursday night leagues
2. Checks will be from a Forest View Check/Account (bank did not have ability to do 80 bank checks)
3. Captain will receive check Friday (tomorrow) or Saturday via overnight USPS mail (at Forest View expense) - USPS could not guarantee Friday delivery due to Covid-19.
4. Check can be deposited at your bank (if your bank normally puts a hold on checks, you may want to cash at a Huntington bank branch) and disburse funds to your team, if you need a team members contact information, please reach out to Cheyenne Long, or if you needs your captains contact information. Captains have 14 days per USBC to disburse funds.
5. You can also take check to a Huntington bank and cash it too.
6. If you have any questions or issues with payout, please contact Cheyenne Long or me and we can walk through it. If there is any adjustments with too much money paid out or less than it should be, please let us know and we will research and resolve.
7. We sent captains a copy of the final standings, envelope, financial statement, payout breakdown, envelope breakdown and other relevant information.
8. Team check includes all team prize fund for each half/quarter, individual awards, team awards, roll off, 50/50, etc.
9. Check payoffs are covered under USBC bonding and Forest View stands behind our leagues and payoff accountability for any issues.

Weekend leagues - we are working on your end of season stuff this weekend!

If your team has not received the financials via email to your captain, please let us know ASAP! If you have questions about anything, related to close out of the leagues, please contact Cheyenne Long or Richard Kenny.

Thanks for a great season! We hope to see some of you this summer and everyone back in the fall!

Rich 734-621-2996 call/text or email.
Or email Cheyenne Long


Rich and Cheyenne Long

Cheyenne, thanks for all the hard work over the past several weeks to pull all this together!