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Forest View Owner Jumps Onboard to Help Another Flourish

Bedford Hills partners with successful business owner Rich Kenny,

After being in business for 25 years, it is time for a fresh set of eyes to help an already outstanding business reach its full potential. In hopes of achieving this, Bedford Hills Golf Club has onboarded fellow Bedford business owner Rich Kenny. This exciting new partnership is going to bring new and exciting opportunities for not only avid golfers, but for putt-putt extraordinaires, event venue seekers, and foodies alike!

Bob Moore has co-owned Bedford Hills for the past 25 years. He takes much pride in being a part of the everyday tasks. After such a hands-on couple of decades, Mr. Moore decided that he is ready for a break. Along with fellow owners Denny Long and John Rutter, Mr. Moore decided to start looking for someone who could help take some of the load off them. They were looking for someone who was trustworthy, competent, and innovative who would bring fresh and new ideas to the golf course.

Mr. Moore heard about Rich Kenny and Forest View two years ago and became curious as to what all the hoopla was about. He went to Forest View and saw a vibrant and teaming business. Very impressed with what he saw, Mr. Moore decided to set up a meeting with Mr. Kenny. The timing was right, and it didn’t take long for both parties to see that forming a partnership was going to be a great opportunity for them both. Starting May 10, 2019, Mr. Kenny took over as the new General Manager of Bedford Hills Golf Club.

“Our expectations are for Rich to bring his creative genius to Bedford Hills as the golf business has been flat for many years. Rich has the skills and passion to integrate entertainment to golf. Our ultimate goal is for Rich to end up owning Bedford Hills,” exclaimed Mr. Moore.

Mr. Kenny plans to run Bedford Hills for the next 5 years with intensions of purchasing it in the long term. He will run all general operations for the facility. With an already outstanding business on league play, Mr. Kenny plans to focus on growing the pavilion/banquet area, club house, driving range, batting cages, open play, and redesigning the mini golf. He also plans to grow the food, beverage and event aspect of the business as well. In the near future, the community will see Bedford Hills become more of a destination spot for a social night out with music on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

With so many ideas in discussion and some already in the works, this partnership is sure to transform an already exceptional Bedford business into another Southeast Michigan hotspot!

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