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Free Bowling for Everyone

Bowl for Free at Forest View in Celebration of National Bowling Day

Saturday, August 11th is National Bowling Day, a great opportunity to gather friends or family for a fun outing on the lanes. To celebrate, Forest View, in Temperance, is offering 2 free games of bowling to all customers. All you have to do is pay for your shoes!

The game of bowling dates all the way back to 3200BC, where it originated in Egypt. It wasn’t until 1895, that the American Bowling Congress was born, and the sport of bowling began to have a unified structure. In the 1950’s, bowling began being broadcasted on television and really took off as a competitive sport all over the world. Bowling’s popularity spread quickly for numerous reasons, mostly surrounding the health benefits.

The first National Bowling Day was held in 1956. On this second Saturday in August, hundreds of bowling tournaments across 48 states, attracted millions of bowlers across the country to come together to raise money for the American Red Cross. Although the event was never repeated, National Bowling Day is still a country-wide day to celebrate.

“Bowling is America’s largest participatory sport, a great way to spend time with friends and family and tons of fun,” said Rich Kenny, owner of Forest View. “We’re excited to have bowlers of all ages come out to Forest View to celebrate National Bowling Day!”

The elderly, disabled, and other groups of people whom usually struggle with many sports, have found a love in bowling. It is a simple game that is very easy to learn and very low impact. So no matter your age, size, or ability level, bowling could be right for you. For more information on the health benefits of bowling, or to test it out for yourself, stop in to Forest View on National Bowling Day, Saturday August 11th!

To learn more, call Rich Kenny at 734-847-4915.

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